Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trading Card Games and The King of Fighters

(Left: KoF 2002UM promo pic | Right: Kyokugen Karate Team)

A few months ago at a certain convention, a friend of mine has given these two cards to me since he knows that I like The King of Fighters franchise. It was pretty awesome, since I don't have a lot of KoF-related merchandise other than images at my hard drive. Being grateful to the gift, I stashed it into my card case.

When I got home, I started to look into the details of the card and saw that they are from a trading card game known as Weiss Schwarz (or Weiß Schwarz) which is has various characters/cards from different animé and video games. Just like other TCGs, strategy is king.

Having stopped playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic The Gathering (and TCGs altogether), my primary excitement for this will be collecting the KoF cards from this card game.

I just hope my friend has a lot of them to give out, I'd kill for an Elisabeth Blanctorche card if there is one.


  1. Interesting, though I would probably be more interested in selling all my cards...Which sounds like a new investment...I think I'll go sell my cards now.

  2. @SOB: I have two Japanese version Porygon and Snorlax but I forgot where did I placed them.


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