Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flush with your hand, not with your foot.

(This was taken at the toilet of our building)

One of my pet peeves are touching the flush handle of a public toilet. You'll never know if someone else peed on it, smeared it with crap while taking a dump, or used his foot when flushing.

Some of you might say that I can use a toilet paper or wash my hand afterwards, but for me, that is not the case, growing up in an environment where people pees everywhere for no reason made me totally paranoid.

But as a compromise, I'll use my knee in flushing it.


  1. Hahah you and me both, I ALWAYS use my foot, just the thought of some shitmonger rubbing his sweaty cock then touching the handle just does it for me...maybe we are too imaginative?

  2. Thank goodness someone else shares the same sentiments as mine. No matter how the janitor clean the handle or the bowl itself, they can't make me not use my foot when flushing or take a shit by touching my ass cheeks on the toilet seat.

    Foot and Squat.

  3. I use my foot all the time its just easyer for a multitasker

  4. The fucking font they decided to use reminds me of


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